Indian Certificate for Secondary Education
(ICSE) Class 10 Time Table 2019

ICSE board exam dates 2019

ICSE is one of the most renowned educational boards in India. The final exams of ICSE for class 10 students are conducted every year in the months of February and March. Like every year, the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination has released ISCE exam dates 2019. brings to you the updated version of ICSE Board 10th timetable 2019. The timetable is officially released every year in the month of December.

ICSE Class 10 Time Table 2019

Importance of ICSE 10th time table

The class 10 exam is a prominent exam in the career of a student enrolled in the ISCE Board. Knowing ICSE timetable prior can help students plan their last couple of months of preparation. Teachers and educators can create mock test templates based on the official ISCE board timetable 2019. This can help the students in getting an idea as to where they stand just before the actual examination.

This ISCE board exam timetable 2019 covers all mandatory as well as elective subject exam schedule. The result of 2019 ICSE exams will be out by June 2019.

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ICSE 10th Time Table 2019

February 22
11 amEnglish Language - ENGLISH Paper 12 hours
February 23
9 amArt Paper (Still Life I)3 hours
February 25
11 amLiterature in English - ENGLISH
Paper 2
2 hours
February 26
11 amHindi3 hours
February 27
11 amEnvironmental Science (Group II Elective)2 hours
March 1
11 amHistory & Civics- H.C.G. Paper I3 hours
March 2
9 amArt Paper II (Nature Drawing/ Painting)3 hours
March 5
11 amPhysics-SCIENCE Paper I2 hours
March 8
11 amMathematics2.5 hours
March 9
9 amArt Paper III (Original Composition)3 hours
March 11
11 amGeography-H.C.G. Paper 22 hours
March 13
11 amSecond Languages:
Ao-Naga, Assamese, Bengali, Dzongkha, Garo, Gujarati, Kannada, Khasi, Lepcha, Mizo, Malayalam, Manipuri, Marathi, Nepali, Odia, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Tangkhul, Telugu, Urdu

Modern Foreign Languages:
Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Modern Armenian, PortuQuese, Spanish, Thai, Tibetan
3 hours
March 14
11 amFrench/ Sanskrit (Group II Elective)2 hours
March 15
11 amEconomics (Group II Electvive)2 hours
March 16
9 amArt Paper IV (Applied Art)3 hours
March 18
11 am(Group III - Elective)
Carnatic Music, Commercial Applications, Computer Applications, Cookery, Drama, Economic Applications, Environmental Applications, Fashion Designing, French, German, Hindustani Music, Home Science, Indian Dance, Physical Education, Western Music, Yoga.
Technical Drawing Applications.
2 hours
March 19
11 amCommercial Studies (Group II Elective)2 hours
March 22
11 amChemistry- SCIENCE Paper 22 hours
March 25
11 amBiology- SCIENCE Paper 32 hours

This is the updated ICSE timetable 2019 for 10th class. The duration of each paper is different and students should note that additional 15 minutes are allotted to read the question paper.

The students should check the ICSE 10th timetable once again in the month of February for changes and updates.